Comparing Trains and Planes as Means of Transportation Essay examples

Comparing Trains and Planes as Means of Transportation Essay examples

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Comparing Trains and Planes as Means of Transportation

From the dawn of time, man has followed his urge to travel; sometimes neglecting the enjoyment of the journey in pursuit of the destination. Although two of the favorable means of passenger transportation - the plane and the train - accomplish the task of arriving at a destination, there are distinct differences in their capacity for comfort, time, scenic value, and safety.

To entice the weary traveler, accustomed and outraged by the rough, tiresome, and jolting rides on planes and trains, improvements have been made over the decades to pamper the passenger. Mechanical changes and physical changes enhance the traveling experience. Although airplane seats are space-efficient to the point of restricting movement, they are similar to the living room easy chair, reclining and cushy. At the push of a button, pillows and blankets are available. To distract, rather than to nourish, miniature bottles of liquor are served with plastic glasses. In comparison, traveling by train is similar to a luxurious hotel, in motion, with its ...

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