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The Farm: 10 Down is the sequel to the well-known documentary, The Farm: Life Inside Angola Prison that featured five inmates living at Angola prison. As a follow up on the stories of the inmates, The Farm: 10 Down was made to show the prisoner’s progress, although for others, their lack of positive growth is evident. Logotherapy, also known as the theories of Viktor Frankl are apparent in the prisoner’s lives and suffering. The progress the inmate’s have made or the lack thereof has labeled them as the perfect examples of Frankl’s ideas. Burl Cain, the warden at Angola, as well as the four living prisoners, George Crawford, Vincent Simmons, Eugene “Bishop” Tannehill and Ashanti Witherspoon are presented in the documentary. Warden Cain’s unique system of running the prison is specifically showcased in the documentary due to its undisclosed impact on the inmates. The documentary reintroduces George Crawford, a former new prisoner that ten years later seems worse off than when he entered Angola. Bishop Tannehill, presently a free man is shown living his new life in the film. Angola’s notable success story, also known as Ashanti Witherspoon, is presented in the documentary as he tries to earn a parole hearing.
Warden Cain uses an unusual system at Angola. He strives on the motive that his inmates will improve themselves at Angola and have a free, fulfilled life post prison as a result. Rather than lock the prisoners up in their cells for hours on end, he has amplified the opportunities for visitors, the use of the library, work on the prison grounds and a variety of special programs. He is able to wake up in the morning and come to work because of the inmates. His desire for their improvement is highly incomparable. Many woul...

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...ring and move on. Bishop Tannehill discovers his will to meaning and is released from Angola during the film’s absence, but may be suffering from a material link to existence. As an admired prisoner, Ashanti Witherspoon is rewarded parole in the sequel and still continues to improve himself through Frankl’s logotherapy.

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