The College Experience - Exploration and Self-discovery Essay

The College Experience - Exploration and Self-discovery Essay

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The College Experience - Exploration and Self-discovery

What do you want to do with your life? If only I had a nickel for every time I was asked that pesky question ... in particular,

by some overly-concerned adult! I swear, if I hear it one more time, I'll launch into a

screaming fit! It's right along the same lines as the annoying, "where do you see yourself

in ten years?" As a student wrapping up my freshman year at the University of Southern

California in Los Angeles, even the question "what's your major?"can pose a bit of a problem.

At this point in my life, I simply feel that such questions are too restrictive. Why is society

fixated on categorizing everyone into neat little groups? I thought that college was meant to

be a process of self-discovery, rather than a mere obstacle on the way to a career that's been

predetermined since kindergarten! Yet you'd be amazed at the pitying stares you receive when

you tell someone that you're undecided. You'd think that you'd just told them that you'd been

diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor!

I'm here to reassure all those "lost souls" out there that there is nothing wrong with not

knowing what you want to do. My first year of college has been a veritable roller coaster of

trying on and discarding various ideas of "what I want to be when I grow up." Like most people,

I felt the overwhelming pressure to settle on a career before entering college, and so I arrived

at USC as a declared broadcast journalism major. The only experience I had in this area was

co-hosting my high school news program, which was more sketch-comedy than real news, and yet on

the basis of that alone, I decided on my major...

... middle of paper ...

...magazine, Palaver. And next year, in contrast to the small film company where I am now

interning, my goal is to have a summer job at DreamWorks. All of this is an effort to cram as

much into my four years as possible. And why not? There is something to be gained from every

new experience, whether I stick it out for the duration or not. Maybe I'm flaky by nature, or

maybe I'm just determined to get every bit of the well-rounded Liberal Arts education that my

parents are shelling out big bucks for. Does it really matter? The point is this: don't ever

let anyone tell you that there's something you can't do. If you have a yen for something, try

it. You never know, you may discover some hidden talent that you didn't know you had. Or you

may not. But hey, exploration and self-discovery is what the college experience is all about!

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