Essay on Collecting Starfish

Essay on Collecting Starfish

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Triumphantly, we stand side by side, grinning widely as our anxious parents snap pictures to appease us and then hurry us away to tend to our battered appendages. Each one of us sprouts some wound or another—a bloodied knee or elbow, bruised toe, bitten finger, or a large sunburn. Some of us are on the verge of dehydration. We have chosen a rough playground, but we love it dearly.

Two hours before low tide, we had migrated to the beach, carrying nothing except plastic buckets. With little patience for the group of parents who followed sluggishly behind, bearing towels, water, sunscreen, lunch, and other such useless items, we of young spirit pushed excitedly ahead along the dirt path.

Once on the beach, the adults watched us with bemused smiles as we arranged ourselves into two, three, or four person teams. We surveyed the beach briefly, taking note of each and every rock. Without debate, we assigned ourselves to different parts of the rocky landscape. Groups of older, more experienced kids ran off to the higher, more dangerous rocks. The smaller kids started examining rocky cr...

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