Essay on How to Process a Bank Deposit

Essay on How to Process a Bank Deposit

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How to Process a Bank Deposit

Bank deposits are regarded by most people as mundane transactions, something not worth waiting in line for. Many customers see a deposit as an additional hassle in their busy lives. For a bank teller, bank deposits are among the most fundamental of banking transactions, and dealing with them is a skill that can be honed to perfection. However, processing a bank deposit is far more complicated than it seems.

The transaction begins with the next customer arriving at the teller window. In this instant, the success of the deposit relies solely on the customer's perception of the teller. Don't say "Good afternoon" in a monotone. Instead, attain direct eye contact, smile, and greet the customer. The greeting can be your own innovation. Any successful greeting is the product of emphasizing positive emotions, regardless of your current mood. If you openly show probable exhaustion and stress from standing up all day, customers will find your appearance distasteful. If the customers see you as a positive figure, they will want to continue with the transaction in a non-belligerent manner.

The next phase of the transaction consists of analyzing the deposit slip. This phase requires keen observational and memorization skills. The deposit number is fifteen digits long, including the zeros. The problem lies in the handwriting of the customer. A customer may be able to correctly write down the account number, but that skill is rendered useless if the bank teller cannot read the handwriting. If such a predicament should occur, politely ask the customer to recheck the account number. A customer will predictably recite the account number aloud for you. As the number is said aloud, discreetly analyze the p...

... middle of paper ... a decent farewell. If it time is in the morning, say, "Have a great day!" If it is in the afternoon, say, "Have a good night!" Or, if it is Friday, say, "Have a great weekend!" This rule also applies to all day preceding or during holidays.

And finally, the transaction is done. The customer is gone; you have completed a deposit transaction. But you don't have time to bask in the great feeling of accomplishment. For the line of customers is still reaching toward the door of the bank, and there is still more time before your five o' clock relief will come. Look not at the time at the bottom corner of your computer screen, but at the line of customers impatiently waiting for you to call them to your window. So, swallow your satisfaction for a transaction well done; another transaction is about to happen. Thus the complicated procedure of deposits begins anew.

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