Our Excessive Dependence on Technology Essay

Our Excessive Dependence on Technology Essay

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Our Excessive Dependence on Technology

Today, almost every business owns computers. At least 900,000 businesses use the Internet. Some, such as Amazon.com, are run only on the Internet. If the internet were to shut down, a lot of people would be without jobs. We have gradually become more and more dependent on technology. As a result, we have become weaker. In terms of Darwin's "only the strongest survive" the people of twenty years ago were far superior to the people of today because of their non-dependence on computers.

First, there is the obvious decline in physical fitness. For example, in Vermont, the percentage of students who participate in at least three hours of physical activity a week has dropped from 70% to 64% in only two years. Fewer than half of all students participate in a muscle toning activity, such as weightlifting. And although it takes 150-200 minutes a week to truly develop physical fitness , less than 25% of all students participate in physical fitness classes five days a week. Although you probably shouldn't believe those stories your parents tell you...

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