Acculturation of Immigrants Essay

Acculturation of Immigrants Essay

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I. Introduction
A. More and more immigrants pour in for "American Dream," but fail
B. Main Points

American dream- hope, freedom, jobs and a better life for their children (Costa 1)
Need to acculturate
Child who learns to speak English has more control than parent (Costa 1)- Acculturated second generation generally more economically successful
To get good jobs, need English language and American education- need to be well-rounded to be "wanted" by top schools (Fuller 39)
Cultural identification- 4 different responses to being put in immigrant situation-
can make immigrant reluctant to acculturate
C. In recent decades, the majority of immigrants have come to America seeking economic prosperity and more opportunities. However, Immigrants must realize that the best way of achieving economic success involves acculturation to the American culture.

II. Opposing viewpoints
A. Economic success is not the only kind of success- for the purpose of this paper, prosperity is being isolated to economic success
B. There are also small immigrant communities which strive economically without major acculturation. However, this situation causes different cultural responses which could hinder successfulness
III. Supporting points
A. Past immigrants have succeeded by acculturating

Immigration quotas and definitions
a. demographics (history)
b. who and why immigrants come- "American Dream"
c. acculturation- changes individuals undergo when they come into contact with another culture
Opportunities- academics, positions, jobs
B. Acculturative style of cultural identification is most prosperous cultural response

Reluctance to acculturate
a. cultural identification response
i. dissociative- affiliated only with own eth...

... middle of paper ...

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