Feminism: A Fight for Human Rights Essay

Feminism: A Fight for Human Rights Essay

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This essay explores the concept of feminism as a human right rather than merely a struggle of American women to achieve equal opportunity and salaries in the corporate world. Without denying the importance of such achievements, the facet of feminism that is explored for the most part is the ability for women around the world to be treated as human. Not only are women denied rights such as the opportunity to be educated or to earn money to feed their children, moreover they are considered property and subject to abuse. The central concept portrayed in this essay is that as women climb the ladder in the struggle to eliminate glass ceilings in the corporate world, we must not leave vast numbers at the bottom, still struggling to be considered human. The essay explores writings on women?s issues from sources including the Bible, Virginia Woolf, and Bell Hooks enabling observations from diverse times and cultures to be explored. Often our society is oblivious to what is happening in other countries or even other neighborhoods, this essay is a reminder.

Feminism: A Human Right

Feminism, as thought by many Americans, is not just a movement to create high-level jobs in the corporate world and equal salaries for women, although that component must not be disregarded. Women around the world are being treated as lower class citizens if citizens at all. Meena was a woman born in Kabul who was murdered in 1987 for her work with the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan, also known as RAWA. Meena and other members of RAWA fought for the right to earn money to feed their children, the right of literacy and knowledge, the right to leave their homes without permission from their husband, let alone the rig...

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