Government and Politics - No Peace for the Middle East Essay

Government and Politics - No Peace for the Middle East Essay

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No Peace for the Middle East

Since its inception the State of Israel has been at war with the Arab countries surrounding it. Dating back to biblical times when the Israelites left Egypt after two hundred years of bondage there, they began forty years of wandering the desert in which they encountered many enemy tribes such as their sworn enemies, the Amalekites. Thousands of years later, the Arabs and Israelis are still fighting. The State of Israel began with the War for Israeli Independence in 1948. Israel has kept on fighting ever since. Over the lengthy span of time in which Israel has been at war with the Arabs, the people of Israel and the Palestinians have developed a deeply rooted hatred for one another. Terrorism has been another factor which has contributed to this loathing. On top of all this, is the cultural and religious clash which the two populations experience. However, in the past twenty years, Israel and the Arab countries surrounding it have begun taking the first few strides toward peace. The meeting of Menachim Begin and Anwar el-Sadat created the peace treaty between Israel and Egypt in 1979. This marked the beginning of the never ending struggle for peace. Despite the overwhelming political endeavor for peace, the people of Israel will never fully achieve a peaceful coexistence with their Arab neighbors, due to the dark history between the nations and the years of hatred which have transpired. In recent years, the Middle East has made serious advances toward peace. Menachim Begin and Anwar el- Sadat formulated and signed the historic peace treaty between Israel and Egypt in 1979. It took immense preparation and the active participation of many of both countries?highest ranking officials and leaders to ...

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...t with it many positive changes in the Middle East. In spite of what appear to be insurmountable obstacles, one can only hope for continued progress in the direction of peace and the best possible future for the Middle East.

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