The Entertainment Industry's Standards of Beauty and Impact on Youth Essay

The Entertainment Industry's Standards of Beauty and Impact on Youth Essay

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The Entertainment Industry's Standards of Beauty and Impact on Youth

“Man, I am hungry. But if I eat, I will never be able to look like that celebrity.” These words could come out of a typical teenager’s mouth. If a teenager sees someone on TV, in a movie, or in a magazine that he or she wishes to look like, he or she may try anything necessary to accomplish it. The standards of beauty set by the entertainment industry today are having a negative effect on today’s youth.

Have you ever heard of Calista Flockhart, Lara Flynn Boyle, Jennifer Aniston, or Antonio Sabato Jr.? They are all celebrities that the typical teenager idolizes, but these idolizations are not necessarily a good thing. Unfortunately, they are all setting standards of beauty that are not only unrealistic but could prove to be dangerous when trying to be attained. In recent years, there has been a significant increase in the number of eating disorders, steroid use, and plastic surgery among teenagers. The main reason for this trend is that “the beauty ideal has shifted towards an increasing emphasis on thinness” (Brown).

In the article “Body Obsessed”, Rebecca Barry says that the world is sending out many mixed messages about being a girl (Barry 112). Today, women in the entertainment industry are put into many different roles, but all of the roles have one thing in common. They all tend to be very beautiful and very thin. In fact, while the average body weight of women has increased, the majority of women on TV and in magazines have remained thin (Brown). This makes many people believe that actresses will try anything to lose weight. The most common ways are by either exercising or by trying one of many different kind...

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... in any way, shape, or form define who they are as a person. Our main message to our youth should be: “Self-esteem and confidence must start from within not from our outward appearance” (Brown).

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