Sigmund Freud as a Dream Analyst Essay

Sigmund Freud as a Dream Analyst Essay

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Sigmund Freud as a Dream Analyst

You step out of your car onto this amazing white sand beach. You walk toward the water and notice all of these beautiful women coming toward you and saying your name. As you start to lay the charm down you notice that one of them is chewing on your leg. Then all of a sudden all of them are taking huge bites out of you and ripping you apart. You try to escape but you seem to be unable to do anything in your defense.

AAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! All of a sudden you awake in a frantic scream. You realize you are still in one piece and that no beautiful women really want you, you are just the same loser you were the day before. Dreams such as this one I described above happen to millions of people all over the world every time they stop to take a little nap or when they are asleep at night. Why do we dream? What do they mean? Why do humans as well as animals have dreams that sometimes fit into our daily life and others seem to be way out of the ordinary and have no significance in our lives?

Throughout history human beings have sought to understand the meaning of dreams. The ancient Egyptians believed dreams possessed oracular or all knowing power. In the Bible, for example, there are many instances where people have gained power or went on hunger strikes because of dreams. Other cultures have interpreted dreams as inspirational, healing, or an alternative to reality. Many Indian tribes believed that dreams were what were expected of the future. Dreams have been a part of life for hundreds and hundreds of years and many people have various feelings about what they mean and why we have them (Sleep Disorders). There was one man though, who has changed the world's point of view on dreams. His name...

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