United Nations Security Council Is Unsuccessful in Keeping Peace Essay

United Nations Security Council Is Unsuccessful in Keeping Peace Essay

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United Nations Security Council Is Unsuccessful in Keeping Peace

The threat of a nuclear attack on the USA has become a common topic after terrorist attacks on September 11. A lot of people have been talking about a missile defense system for the US. With the kinds of terrorist attacks being executed today, who knows what will come next. Some people worry that next time it will be a nuke knocking on Uncle Sam's door instead of a few misguided Al-Queda pilots flying bombs. Did you know that there actually is a protection agency out there who's task is to keep peace in the world? It is hard to tell because they are not successful very often, and more times than not they come to the US for aid, instead of providing it. This agency is called the United Nations Security Council, and it isn't doing its job.

The United Nations was founded on the twenty-fourth of October, 1945 by 51 countries that were tired of war and wanted peace. The UN has four major purposes: to maintain international peace and security, to develop friendly relations among nations, to promote human rights and remedy international problems, and to be a center for nations to negotiate. At the UN, all Member States of every size, class, and political viewpoint have a say. Five of the main components of the United Nations including the Security Council are based at UN headquarters in New York. There are 15 Council members of which the five permanent members are China, France, the Russian Federation, the United Kingdom and the United States. The Security Council is primarily responsible for keeping peace. The council convenes at any time that peace is threatened. The council always tries to correct problems peacefully before it takes militant measures. It sends...

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...Require the five permanent and ten temporary members of the Security Council to provide a set amount of military personnel and equipment. Be prepared to back up negotiations with force, and quickly. Use more subterfuge to take the support of the people away from those like Usama Bin Laden. If a nation will not be reasonable in negotiating peace with those it conflicts with, then move such an enormous amount of military forces into the area that military action would be suicide for them. Use funding more sparingly and to collect in extreme cases, impose light sanctions on a member nation that does not pay its dues. Extreme changes within the organization will be the only way the UN Security Council will survive the twenty-first century. An Able peacekeeping department would be a great asset to this century but there is a lot of work to do in order for this to happen.

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