Immigration Needs to be Restricted in America Essay

Immigration Needs to be Restricted in America Essay

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Immigration Needs to be Restricted in America

Illegal immigration will cost the United States $280 billion dollars from 1995-2004. And that only counts for the immigrants that enter this country illegally. What of the legal immigrants that come to the United States and find it harder than they thought it would be? Most of these immigrants just go on welfare. Legal immigrants participate in 20.7 percent of all welfare programs while native citizens only participate in 14.1 percent (Borjas). This costs the American public millions of dollars every year.
At the turn of the century 40 percent of immigrants that came through Ellis Island had to go home. If the immigrants can't handle the work force, there is nothing for them to do but fall back on welfare (Lind).

Opposing statistics show that Americans use welfare more than immigrants do. This argument doesn't work for the simple fact that most immigrants haven't been in this country long enough to qualify for Social Security. Therefore we must use the other data which clearly shows that immigrants use welfare more.

Another problem that has risen from immigration is crime. In 1986, 28 percent of the arrests for drug possession were illegal immigrants (Stacy). This may not seem like an overwhelming number, but just think if the United States could drop drug trafficking by 28 percent this would be a tremendous step forward. The immigration problem has gotten so bad on the Mexican American, border, that the border patrol have what they call " War Wagons" which are armored vans with bulletproof windows. Guarding a border of a nation that we are at peace with should not be that big of a problem. Most immigrants that enter the country both legally and illegally are trying to fin...

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