The Impact of Music on the Mind, Body and Spirit Essay

The Impact of Music on the Mind, Body and Spirit Essay

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The Impact of Music on the Mind, Body and Spirit

Music is fun. The very mention of the word seems to stir emotions that are exciting and interesting. The mind shifts to recall memories that have long passed, moments that could presently be experienced, or future events that will hold a place in one's heart and mind. In everything, there is sound. Where there is sound, there can be music. Where there is music, activities are taking place with implications affecting one's path in life. In an elementary schoolroom, kindergardeners are learning the ABC song to go home and sing to their parents. Later, these kids are learning to not step on their date's feet on a gym floor at their first school dance. Years later, a team is preparing with exhilarating sounds to clash with their rivals. As this class of students is graduating, they reminisce during their class song. These events will shape their lives with the things they have learned along the way. I am a music fan and a supporter of learning, and, with this project, I learned that both had a connection. As a report, this paper tells of the ways having music in one's life benefits mentally, physically, and emotionally.

The power of music stimulates brain growth in the uterus and during the early years of childhood. Also, it positively affects emotional awareness and attitudes from before birth and onward. One can build a comprehension of the world by the provision of patterns given by music. The ability to crawl, walk, and run is developed with more ease. Additionally, the use of sound improves language arts, which vocabulary and expressiveness. "As an integral part of culture, past and present, it helps pupils understand themselves and relate to others, forging important links...

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