Exploring ADHD and Available Treatments Essay

Exploring ADHD and Available Treatments Essay

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Abstract: This research paper describes ADHD and the treatments available. It discusses the different medications and their side effects and explains the opinions of some doctors for an alternative treatment. The main goal of the writing is to shed some light on the disorder and describe some theories about ADHD. This goal is stated in the thesis which talks about how ADHD cannot be identified exactly, the side effects to the medication are harsh, there are different alternative treatments, and research shows it may be caused from hormones and sleep deprivation.

A Normal Life

? Imagine sitting in a fourth grade science class. The teacher is lecturing in the front of the room while a groundskeeper mows the grass outside the window. The mower is buzzing in the student's ears, grasping one students' attention, taking it away from the teacher's discussion. Slowly the mower begins to move further away until it is completely out of sight. The attention returns to the teacher, whose words mumble together. The student begins to feel bored as he begins to swing his feet on the seat in front of him. The student in front of him becomes annoyed by the pitter-patter on her seat, and she yelps with anger. The attention slides back into the class, where something new and interesting is happening. The teacher stops her lecture, making this student the center of attention. It may be negative attention, but it's something that holds the student's interest. This type of thing happens normally to this student, so he is used to it. Besides, this isn't his fault; everyone knows he has ADHD, anyway he can't help but act like this. It's just how some kids are, right? Normally his mother makes him take his pills, but today he threw them out becaus...

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