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The Dentist's Office Essay

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The Dentist's Office

Dr. Rust's Office, these three words echo throughout my head and I can't breathe. I sit in this awful discomforting place. My body shakes in terror and Suddenly I hear a soft comforting voice say my name, "Genna, Dr. Rust is ready to see you now." On the outside, I am smiling and happy, but on the inside, I scream in terror. Although I had been there and experienced that extreme pain many times before, I dreaded yet another visit to the dentist.

Fifteen minutes ago I drove up to the old brick building in Delta, Colorado. Out front was an old wooden sign reading, "Rust, P L D.D.S." I got out of my comfortable homey car, and headed toward the door that said, "ENTER." I took a deep breath and opened the door. A clean but musty smell instantly filled my lungs. The old place was very cold and uncomfortable. The lady at the desk smiled at me and said, "Have a seat it will only be a few minutes."

I turn around to look for the chairs and saw the west wall covered with old cracked wallpaper plastered with flowers. I glance behind me and see the receptionist desk once again, and the bulletin board on the wall next to it with dentist jokes and advertisements all over it. The receptionist smiles at me again and I turn back around. I see that the North and South walls are covered with old wood paneling. One wall has the door in which I just entered, and the other has the dark tunnel leading to the exam rooms. I spot the chairs just across the waiting room on both walls. I quickly choose the end one with green and orange flowers covering it and sit down.

When sitting, I look down at the floor and I am not surprised to see the ancient gold shag carpet beneath my feet. I Sit in the freezing cold waiting room,...

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..., and maneuvered its long bendy stem until it pointed right into my mouth. As he began to work, I stared in a daze at Dr. Rust's thick glasses. When he was done filling my tooth, I got out of the enormous chair and made my way back to the waiting room.

I said, "goodbye" to the nurse and left that awful place. Outside, I took a deep breath of cool fresh air. I practically ran to get inside my safe car. When back inside i cried in excruciating pain, I couldn't even feel my face. I sat there for a while thinking of those three terrifying words, Dr. Rust's office. I inserted the key into my ignition, turned it and drove away. When I knew I was home safe, I looked into my rear-view mirror. When I saw that old rickety building filled with bad experiences, I realized that that had been the most uncomfortable place I had ever visited, and I surely wasn't going to return.

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