Blogs - Power of Bloggers and the Magnitude of the Blogosphere Essay examples

Blogs - Power of Bloggers and the Magnitude of the Blogosphere Essay examples

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The Power of Bloggers and the Magnitude of the Blogosphere

What is a blog? Blog is a web-based writing space, an online journal, a virtual forum; it's self-maintained web page that provide a list of links to other web sites along with comments and critics about the links; it's a site containing chronologically ordered information, both personal and impersonal. It's something new - something that will change the way we write just like the way the invention of paper and printing press have influenced our culture. There are many ways to describe what the blog is or what it serves, but a single word can contain everything that blog represents; and that is 'LINK'. This link can be as small as a bridge between a person to another; but what blogging software such as the Movable Type provide is a virtual community where people of all ages, gender, and race come together and share ideas, give feedbacks to opinions of others, and to interact in a well-mannered way. The easy access to internet will draw more and more netizens to the blogosphere, thus the network of the bloggers will be global in near future. Furthermore, unlike a one-way information route that a paper-based publication takes, bloggers will give, take, and also combine ideas to construct a multiple lanes of interactive information to be reached out to ears and eyes of the bloggers at first, then to the netizens and eventually the whole world at large.

Like with the beginning of new things, the primitive bloggers didn't have a specific name for what they were doing. It took many years for blogging to become commercialized and subscribed by many internet users. Nevertheless, blogging has existed since the beginning of the internet. At first, certain knowledg...

... middle of paper ...

...he local bloggers; nevertheless, the interactivities that linked each students and the professor within our own STS-osphere clearly project what will take place in every home, work place, classroom, and everywhere one can imagine in very near future.

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