Blogs - Blogging for Change Essay examples

Blogs - Blogging for Change Essay examples

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Blogging for Change

History itself has always fundamentally been encompassed by the history of writing. Before writing there was no history, but ever since then writing has shaped it in complicated and far reaching ways. The progression of writing, from simply a method of counting left to the elites in society to a universal communication system that allows people to share and explain ideas, has had tremendous historical implications. With the invention of the computer, came the Internet and in turn the web log. The web log is a new platform for writers to communicate with. It can allow for a running correspondence between people complete with remarks and instant access. The question is what does this new software tool mean for the history of writing? If using a web log becomes wide spread it would result in a gradual change in the way which people write. People would base their writing on their feelings and emotions rather than logical arguments. However, despite all the irrational statements, the exposure to other people's ideas would stimulate debate about controversial issues and help people understand the details about complex topics so that they could better formulate their own opinions. Despite any immediate accessibility to web logs, changes like this are not going to happen over night. It will take time and people will have to change their habits, but it could happen.

To understand the direction that writing will take with the introduction of blogging technology, the foundation of writing must be discussed first. The invention of writing first came about in Sumerian civilization as a means to count various goods, and the progression of the writing in Sumer developed from roughly 8000 to 3000 B.C. (S...

... middle of paper ... said and discussed, even the bad ideas, so that they can be acknowledged and refuted. Discussions on controversial topics will expose people to new points of view and culturally enrich their thinking and give them a better understanding of the world.

The stereotypical lazy uninformed modern day citizen could become aware of issues around the world and more politically active with wide spread use of the blog. In a world where everybody is forced to discuss things, where there is not any option besides discussion, it seems like peace is possible. Maybe if the real world were just a little bit more like a blog, where violence just simply is not an option, then the world would really know what it is like to be civilized.

Works Cited

Schmandt-Beeserat, "From Accounting to Written Language" in The Social Construction of Written Communication (pp. 119-130)

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