Essay on Dysfunctional Families and Drugs

Essay on Dysfunctional Families and Drugs

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Why do teens use drugs? Many reasons contribute to adolescent drug use. It may be stress, peer pressure, or even the difficulty coping with the ills of school life. Teens use drugs because they have no true guidance. The absence, of certain vital components such as, someone to talk to, morals, values, or even responsibility forces teens to use drugs. One major contributing cause of adolescent drug use and abuse is a dysfunctional family, a family that does not provide all of the above.

The lack of a strong family structure can leave a teen feeling lonely and emotionally confused. It is not only vital it is necessary for a teen to have both parents present in their life. According to Joseph A. Califano Jr. "Few parents appreciate the enormous influence they exercise over the attitudes and actions of their teens about smoking, drinking and using drugs" (Califano). Adolescents need to have positive figures present in the home in which they can comfortably talk to. Also to prevent experimentation with drugs teens should be better educated about drugs and the effects, which they have, not only on the body but their life and even their family.

Parents are the primary reason for teen drug use. If a parent builds a strong family foundation adolescents would be less needy of things outside of the home. The lack of communication between teens and their gardians leave teens feeling empty and in turn they experiment with drugs and other addictive substances. The opposition may argue that the main cause of adolescent drug use is the media, peer pressure, and drug dealers. Teens use drugs because they have no true guidance. They lack something in the home whether it is someone to talk to, morals, values, or even responsib...

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...and abuse is a dysfunctional family. Family is he basic necessity at which teens gain their morals, values, responsibility, and respect for themselves. In cases were a strong family structure is absent an adolescent may turn to drugs other addictive substances, or explicit behavior to feel better about their negative situation.

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