The Retreat that Changed My Life Essay

The Retreat that Changed My Life Essay

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I jumped in the car anticipating the freedom of this weekend. YES!!! Finally it’s Friday!
Man, I can’t wait to go out with my friends tonight, maybe my boyfriend tomorrow night, lunch with the gang at the local “Chef-o-nette” diner on Saturday. At last I will be able to unwind and have a good time. Two nights is never enough.

“Twins, you have your confirmation retreat this weekend. Aren’t you excited?!”
My mother interrupted my thoughts and dashed my vision of a wonderful weekend. I was filled with a deep sensation of dread. I absolutely hated my confirmation class. I was given homework. Like I didn’t get enough homework at school! Everyone but me would have at least one close friend at the retreat but me, creating a big “in crowd” and leaving me as the “out crowd”. I just knew I’d spend the whole weekend by myself, especially since the idea of spending a whole weekend with these people made me shudder. Secretly my mind screamed NOOO!!!! I was certain this would be the weekend from Hell!
After an hour-long bus ride we arrived at the cabin in Yellow Springs, Ohio where we would be staying for the next two evenings. What a dump. Well, I guess it wasn’t that bad. We had two big rooms, one for the girls and one for the guys, three working restrooms, a lounge, and a kitchen.

At least it was spacious. After exploring the woods around the cabin at free time, a session in the lounge, and a surprisingly good dinner that we made on our own, I was ready for bed. It was only around 9:30, but I figured the more sleep I got the less time it would feel like I was there. I looked around me to say goodnight to anyone who might have glimpsed me crawling into my small, gritty sleeping bag, but everyone appeared to be flirting with each...

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...ine, I couldn’t find the words to explain the weekend. I felt like a summer breeze had swept through my life and carried away my troubles. I felt like a new and better person. We pulled into our driveway, and as I stepped out of the car, I realized that over the weekend I was able to find my self as well as my faith, and nothing has been the same since. Wanting to become more knowledgeable, I started reading my Bible, attending church, as well as school youth groups. I didn’t know many people at first, but everyone I met welcomed me with open arms. I knew many of the changes would be difficult for me, breaking bad habits are never easy, but I was ready to make those sacrifices and meet those challenges.
Sometimes I wonder, after all this time, where I would be today if I had stayed home for that wonderful weekend. My best guess… lost, or at least still wondering.

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