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It should have been raining. It almost always rains in the movies when girls get their hearts broken. When that young man with a bittersweet smile and “I’m sorry” eyes shows up on the doorstep; telling his sweetheart that he is going off to war or beginning a battle with a fatal disease.

Instead here I am: the blundering heroine of my own crazy film, with a script that seems to have a few gaping holes where all the witty lines are supposed to be. In the hot, sticky passenger seat of a black ’02 Grand Am, subconsciously capping and uncapping an Ice Mountain water bottle, listening to my boyfriend jumble up a bunch of words that eventually translate into: it’s over. C’est fini.

He stops talking and takes a deep, shuddering breath and I realize that it’s my cue to talk. He’s waiting for me to say something along the lines of: “Sure Matt, I totally agree with you. I think it’s a great idea to end this relationship that I have put my whole being into for two years. I’m so relieved that you brought it up first, seeya around and good luck with all your future chicks.” I look out the...

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