Will School Vouchers Improve Public Schools? Essay

Will School Vouchers Improve Public Schools? Essay

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It is a growing debate in an area that American society cannot afford to ignore, as the discussion on voucher schools directly affects our youth, the very foundation of our country. Many cities across the United States have proposed school voucher programs in an effort to improve the education of inner-city children that come from low-income families. However, with this proposition arises certain questions that cannot be avoided. Although proponents of school vouchers argue differently, challengers of the system expressly state that the taxpayer-funded voucher system infringes upon our First Amendment rights. Additionally, opponents suggest that the money being used for vouchers be provided to failing public schools, as used to be, and should continue to be, the American way. At the same time, voucher advocates believe that the consequences of a full-scale voucher policy for our nation’s public schools would, in fact, be beneficial. Still, both sides of the argument agree: our nation must find a way to give every student in struggling schools the best education possible. The complex disagreement lies in the steps that must be taken in order to achieve this goal. Should the government adopt a taxpayer-funded voucher system or otherwise explore alternate routes that could more effectively ensure the success of the American educational system?

Bob Chase, president of the National Education Association of Washington, D.C., strongly holds that voucher schools are, in fact, not the answer to improving America’s public schools. Rather, Chase asserts that investing tax dollars in improving public schools is a far more advantageous step in the way of progress for the school system. Moreover, Chase writes that an overwhelming majority...

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...ational system. However, Rosen and other supporters hold that the institution of voucher schools will benefit public schools by relinquishing extra funds to a student body devoid of the most at-risk, poor learners of the student population that will likely pursue a voucher-supported education. The controversy of the constitutionality presents two sides of completely opposite views. While the end results of the opposing opinions both continue to seek an improved outlook for America’s failing public educational system, it is the methods of realization of this objective that proponents and opponents of vouchers strongly disagree upon.

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