Santa Claus Does Exist Essay

Santa Claus Does Exist Essay

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Santa Claus Does Exist

So you don’t believe in Santa Claus. It’s understandable. We find ourselves in an age of pure skepticism. We question everything. Science has taken hold of our lives, providing answers for all questions and dismissing anything that cannot be explained as either myth or fiction. So it’s quite understandable why you don’t believe, with no physical proof of his existence. It’s indeed understandable to lose sight of Father Christmas with the transformation of this holiday into one that, as of late, is used commercially as a lucrative crutch solely to make profit. It’s understandable to abandon Santa Claus after hearing countless people deny his very physical or even spiritual existence. After all, one tends to believe something if it is repeatedly reported as true. But, let me tell you something, something that may lead you to quite a spectacular, fulfilling life.

I believe in Santa Claus.

“Why,” you ask, “position yourself only to be disappointed upon realizing that all you hold as true is in fact false?” I will tell you that I grew up believing in Santa Claus—the jolly, old, fat man who annually descended the chimney with his endless sack of treasures. I will tell you that I still believe that Santa Claus exists, despite being told otherwise by both parent and peer. I will tell you not only that Santa Claus exists, but that he exists in you and your family and your friends and every person who gives a little extra in any way thinkable.

I believe. Every year, as the air becomes dry and the ground sparkles with the fluffy white of the snow, I see in the eyes of those who surround me a beard of white and a suit of red. I see society morph as the last month of our year pays its toll. Generosity ri...

... middle of paper ... out only for themselves, we lose sight of what Christmas is truly about. Forgetting the being of Santa Claus only makes us slight the kindness on which this holiday is based. Not believe in Santa! You may as well not believe in the very gifts laid under the tree on Christmas morn. Without your faith, Santa Claus would be nonexistent. There would be no yearning in your soul to give of yourself to others, no example to follow. Thank God, Santa Claus exists and exists forever, lightening the heavy heart as the sight of the snow blankets the soul and defines the heart of childhood.

The modern person believes upon seeing. Perhaps, one sweet day, far ahead, believing will be seeing once more. I’m lucky though; I can see Santa Claus every day, in each and every one of you, through the words you say and the moves you make, and I know you’ll see it, too, someday.

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