Essay about The Immorality and Danger of Human Cloning

Essay about The Immorality and Danger of Human Cloning

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The Immorality and Danger of Human Cloning

The emergency room doors burst open. The doctor and nurses dart into the room. Linda, a twenty-four year old soon-to-be mother, lies on a gurney in the middle of the delivery room. Several hours later Linda and her husband hold Madison, the miracle that has just been born to them. They have shared the astonishing experience of having the first ever, cloned baby.

Human cloning is very real and just around the corner. In the 1970's, the process of cloning was first experimented. However, the experiments were only done with toads and frogs. The cloning process has never been done with a human. Cloning a human is a very delicate and dangerous process that hasn't totally been figured out yet. With the threat that the procedure involves, many people are starting to wonder if human cloning is right or wrong. It is very much wrong and this is why.

It's not a couple's fault that they can't have children, but the ability to have children is a gift. We shouldn't take advantage of having children. If a couple can't have children then they should take that opportunity to adopt a child. There are plenty of children out there that have nothing. They have no real home or family. Having a child cloned because someone wants a genetic child of their own is extremely selfish. Cloning would allow an infertile couple to be able to have children that were their own genetic offspring, but at what cost?

Homosexuals, with the help of cloning, could have a child that is one hundred percent, genetically theirs. Homosexuals, for one thing, aren't meant to have children. If they were meant to have children then they would be able to. The only way to have a kid is for a male and a female to take part in t...

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