Teens, Sex, and Virginity - I Lost My Virginity Essay

Teens, Sex, and Virginity - I Lost My Virginity Essay

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I lost my virginity

i arrived at college a seventeen year-old virgin who had been drunk only once before. it wasn't a concious decision to change all that, but i definately had no intention of remaining the awkward, hesitant good girl i had been throughout high school. i had resolved to try everything without fear, which was one reason
i signed up for a rock climbing orientation trip. it is here that martin enters the picture. he was one of my trip leaders, a twenty three year old senior from california. he was a runner and a republican, and his looks were not unlike those of teen heartthrob scott wolf. i quickly dismissed the idea of his being interested in me. he seemed too hot, too experienced, too suave. i was so young. the rock climbing trip was quickly over, and i returned back to campus covered in bruises and pride. classes started, i settled into the swing of things, and i gave martin no further thought, except when i ran into him at parties. i learned to drink, a lot, and learned to pass out at parties to avoid having to go back to my room alone. i experienced my first...

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