Connecting Babylon Revisited, My Life, and the Life of F. Scott Fitzgerald

Connecting Babylon Revisited, My Life, and the Life of F. Scott Fitzgerald

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  It is no wonder, that when students read literature, some are confused about the

meaning of the story or poem, know little, if anything at all, about the author,

and have trouble memorizing important points. This is not only because of the

limited time allowed, but because the student fails to associate new knowledge

with old knowledge. Making a personal connection is important whether the

instructor recommends it or not. Attention should be given to both the technical

points of the writing and the author's biography. Take, for example, F. Scott

Fitzgerald's "Babylon Revisited." At first glance, the story wasn't that hard to

understand, so it was a good opportunity to study a piece of 20th century

American literature in a deeper way.


 "Babylon Revisited" is often credited for being one of Fitzgerald's greatest

short stories. As Professor Jackson Bryer states on a web site interview, "[It

combines] Fitzgerald's human themes of loss with a background of the social

times in which they take place. ...Paris in the Twenties. ...[These aspects] give

them a resonance (the personal story played within a larger picture) which many

of Fitzgerald's other stories lack" (1). Bryer also feels that "FSF should be

remembered and valued most for the 'how' of his fiction rather than the 'what'

of it, namely his style is what makes him exceptional, not his subject matter.

...he does have the ability to capture feeling and emotion brilliantly as well.

Gatsby's frustration, Charlie Wale's exasperation, ... these are palpably present

to readers."


Composed in 1931 and published in 1935, "Babylon Revisited" is "the s...

... middle of paper ...

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