Essay on The Life of Gabriel Garcia Marquez Exposed in His Works

Essay on The Life of Gabriel Garcia Marquez Exposed in His Works

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The Life of Gabriel Garcia Marquez Exposed in His Works

    The majority of literary critics would not hesitate in praising the works

 of Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Garcia Marquez is often considered one of the

 greatest writers to come out of Latin America. Born in Aracataca, a small

 town in northern Columbia, he was primarily raised by his maternal

 grandparents (Britannica). Biographies often indicate a presence of a large

 community including an abundance of relatives when describing his upbringing

 (Macondo). While he was surrounded by those who loved him he did not live

 during a peaceful time in Columbian history (Macondo). His family and the

 constant political turmoil of Columbia would greatly influence his works


      He is well known for writing works of outstanding caliber such as One

 Hundred Years of Solitude and Love in the Time of Cholera(Garcia Marquez's

 Labyrinth). He is also well known for his popular short stories. A

collection of his works was first published in 1955: Leaf Storm and Other

 Stories(Garcia Marquez's Labyrinth).  The latest work dealt with the issue

 of drug trafficking and recent kidnappings within Columbia titled: News of a

 Kidnapping(Garcia Marquez's Labyrinth). Within all of his works, a

combination of this ideological views and a re-counting of family past

(including that of his homeland Columbia) intertwines, often analyzing the

 ways of society and government(Macondo).


      No work of his is more representative than One Hundred Years of

 Solitude. After long affiliation with Cuban communists and his work as

 reporter for Prensa Latina (a leftist newspaper), Garci...

... middle of paper ...

...nth). However true this may be, it is clear that Marquez took

 experiences and events from his own life and the backdrop of Columbian

 political history to create magical stories well after his exile from his

 native land. 


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