Essay on E. M. Forster's Thoughts on George Orwell's Work

Essay on E. M. Forster's Thoughts on George Orwell's Work

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E. M. Forster's Thoughts on George Orwell's Work

     In a 1950 commentary by English novelist Edward Morgan Forster, the effects

    of a strong, well-constructed essay on an individual can readily be seen.

    The writings of George Orwell have forced Forster to delve into the depths

    of his own thoughts, even going so far as to prompt him to put those

    thoughts down on paper for others to evaluate. In his article, Forster

    analyzes, with critical intentions, an anthology of essays by George Orwell,

    collectively entitled Shooting an Elephant. He uses these pieces to discuss

    what he believes are Orwell's pejorative ideas and objectives for writing.

    It doesn't take long for Forster to begin to describe the deeper problems

    with Orwell's habits and style. Because of Orwell's tendency to focus on

    unpleasant topics, and because of his desire to share that subject matter

    with the rest of the world--almost immediately--Forster declares Orwell a

    nagger. The raw fact that Orwell never seemed to let up on those

    disconcerting issues troubled Forster, who felt that constant narrative

    delving into unpleasantness should be avoided.


    Later in his essay, Forster accuses Orwell of continuously looking into the

    future with the intention of "stamping upon [the] embryos" (303) of possible

    change, good or bad, which could occur in a people. Through this description

    of Orwell, along with Orwell's goal to "ameliorate a world which is bound to

    be unhappy" (303), Forster almost implies that Orwell attempts to play God.

    Throughout his commentary, Forster rei...

... middle of paper ...

...r and

    corruption. Overall, Orwell knew the important components of political and

    social commentary as writing, just as Forster did when he wrote Passage to

    India. Yet, what sets Orwell apart was in his ability to remain candid and

    honest in a world where most felt it was only right to examine

    unpleasantness at selected times. His style and topic selections continue to

    evoke powerful responses from his readers, the true trait of an effective

    writer. He realized that the ideas and views in his essays did not have to

    be palpable in order to be successful, and it seems Forster just did not

    understand that.


    Work Cited


    Forster, E. M. "Shooting an Elephant." in George Orwell, editor Jeffrey

    Meyers, London: Routledge and Paul, 1975, pages 302-04.

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