Commerce, Politics and the City in A Room of One's Own and Mrs. Dalloway

Commerce, Politics and the City in A Room of One's Own and Mrs. Dalloway

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Commerce, Politics and the City in A Room of One's Own and Mrs. Dalloway

     "...At this moment, as so often happens in London, there was a complete lull and

suspension of traffic. Nothing came down the street; nobody passed. A single

leaf detached itself from the plane tree at the end of the street, and in that

pause and suspension fell. Somehow it was like a signal falling, a signal

pointing to a force in things which one had overlooked ... Now it was bringing

from one side of the street to the other diagonally a girl in patent leather

boots and then a young man in a maroon overcoat; it was also bringing a

taxi-cab; and it brought all three together at a point directly beneath my

window; where the taxi stopped; and the girl and the young man stopped; and they

got into the taxi; and the cab glided off as if it were swept on by the current

elsewhere." (A Room of One's Own 100)


"Virginia Woolf" - the version of her that narrates the "events" of A Room of

One's Own - observes the above urban scene from her window. In a pattern that

she had perfected in Mrs. Dalloway four years earlier, the rhythms of urban

existence are closely articulated with those of the natural world - and that

rhythmic coordination in turn serves as a kind of authorization of that urban

existence, a guarantee of the transcendent meaning of the evidently constructed

human world. Thus the quietly definitive dropping of a leaf from its branch not

only seems a sort of rhythmic blueprint for the ballet-like convergence of

"girl," "man" and "taxi-cab", but also in fact the mystical cause of that

convergence, a "signal" "bringing" this ...

... middle of paper ...

...fied royal, the skywriting of an advertiser's airplane) are analogues of

the narration's own confident focalizing sweep - now airborne, now moving down

city streets, now fanning out across parks, always able to join disparate

characters in a cohesive narrative line. But they are uneasy analogues, for they

are patently the product not of some transcendent or natural meaning but of

powerful modern interests: the nation, entertainment, commerce. Clarissa's

intimations of timeless spiritual connectivity, and the narration's own

performance of that connectivity, move in the grooves set down by these very

modern institutions.



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