Man Against Nature in Jurassic Park Essay

Man Against Nature in Jurassic Park Essay

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Man Against Nature in Jurassic Park

    "The world was made for man to conquer and rule, and under human rule it was meant to become a paradise" (Ishmael 82). Much like this evolutionary mythological theory, the movie Jurassic Park tells a tale of man's attempt to rule over nature. Through the movie's description and imagery, the viewer perceives the arrogance of humans to control nature, and the consequences and failures of this flawed intention. John Hammond, park creator, uses state of the art technology and ideas to recover dinosaur DNA, fill in missing gene caps, and breed the previously extinct animals to exploit his accomplishment. This process is set into motion without regard to the ethics behind the research, and without asking if pure scientific curiosity and drive should usurp natural evolution. Hammond arrogantly takes these responsibilities in hand and proceeds without consequence, as if he were somehow above his natural counterparts in mother nature's eyes. When this superiority is broken down, those who thought they were in control realize that their control was imagined. Jurassic Park conveys the consequences of human insolence in believing that nature is purely beautiful and subordinate to their existence, and this illusion of superiority reveals nature's true chaos and danger.


Having bred species of dinosaurs, and built a series of rides and attractions for this theme park, Hammond seeks the endorsement of several specialists to satisfy his investors' curiosity and concerns. Dr. Grant (a Paleontologist), Dr. Sadtler (a Paleobotanist), and Dr. Malcolm (a Chaotician), as well as a lawyer all are summoned to the island of Isla Nublar, 120 miles from Costa Rica and home of Jura...

... middle of paper ...

...sts of Jurassic Park don't realize that the control they think that they have does not exist.


In Jurassic Park, nature appears beautiful and controllable when it is viewed from afar. The arrogant and naïve creators of Jurassic Park believe that they can regulate nature when, how, and where they please. Throughout the movie, this illusion gets broken time and time again. In actuality, nature is chaotic, uncontrollable, and dangerous. These aspects are taken for granted by the scientists of Jurassic Park and sometimes today in society. "They got so caught up in whether they could they didn't stop to think whether or not they should."



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