Essay on Christopher Marlowe in Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness

Essay on Christopher Marlowe in Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness

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Christopher Marlowe


Marlowe is an English poet and dramatist from the Renaissance era.  He began his life working for his father as a shoemaker, then found his calling as a playwright and a poet. His work includes the plays Tamburlaine the Great in two parts 1587-88, The Jew of Malta about 1591, Edward II about 1592 and Dr Faustus about 1594, the poem Hero and Leander 1598, and a translation of parts of Ovid'sAmores. Marlowe transformed a new sense of power through his work.  Witnesses have written about their relation to the plays of Christopher Marlowe.  He brought the aforementioned plays to life.

      He was born in Canterbury and got a degree from Cambridge University, where he is thought to have become a government agent. His life was turbulent, with a brief imprisonment in connection with a man's death in a brawl (of which he was cleared), and a charge of atheism (following statements by the dramatist Thomas Kyd under torture). He was murdered in a Deptford tavern, possibly over the amount of money he owed...

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