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Out of Africa Movie and Book Essay

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Out of Africa Movie and Book

Winner of seven Academy Awards, including 1985's Best Picture, Out
Of Africa is the story of Karen Blixen and her travels in Africa. Based on her
writings after returning to Denmark, Out of Africa is a love story of both Karen
Blixen and her true love, Denys Hatton, and a love for Africa's land and people.
The movie is based on the books "Out of Africa: Shadows on the Grass", written
by Karen Blixen under the pseudonym Isak Dinesen, and "Silence Will Speak", the
story of Denys Hatton, written by Errol Trzebinski. The film follows the story
in the books almost identically and is a fascinating account of the life of
Karen Blixen and the barriers she had to overcome during her time in Africa.

The movie focuses on the seventeen years Karen Blixen spent in
Africa between 1913 and 1930. Her letters that are compiled to make up the book
"Out of Africa" are extremely detailed and revealing about her time in Africa.
As in real life, the movie starts with Blixen arriving in Kenya for the purposes
of marrying her cousin Baron Bror Blixen. A friend before they met in Kenya to
wed, this marriage was a marriage of convenience. The Baron held the title and
Karen had the money they needed to take advantage of the wild south of Africa
and be cattle ranchers. Like many Europeans of the time, they came to Africa to
exploit the untouched natural resources and people. But, this was not the case
because Baron Blixen decided before Karen showed up that they would instead grow
coffee, a risky venture at such a high altitude and Karen's first barrier to

With the adventure of growing coffee came the task of gaining a
workforce. For this Karen...

... middle of paper ...

... an
account of her entire time in Kenya. The movie Out of Africa was a wonderfully
told love story of a woman and a man, and a woman and a land. The African people
and areas are romantically displayed in this film, a true joy to watch through
and through. Karen Blixen's life is a remarkable tale of one woman's journey of
self-discovery, through love and hate, confusion and comprehension, black and

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