Essay about Cloning - Just Another Field of Science

Essay about Cloning - Just Another Field of Science

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Cloning - Just Another Field of Science 


        One can imagine lying in bed with the knowledge that they have only

a week to live.  This prognosis is brought on because the person needs a

new heart, liver, kidney, or any other life saving organ.  Now that the

realization of what has transpired hits this person it is time to find an

organ donor.  It could be the next car crash victim or someone from the

immediate family.  However, the odds of finding a donor grim.  Wouldn't it

be nice if the technology to clone a perfectly matching organ to replace

the faulty one existed?  This is the problem with today's society.  Too

many people are afraid of the future.  Cloning, like any other science is

hindered by the general public's fear of the unknown.  Whether it is a

single cell to a full human, cloning research is a major next step in

scientific development.  It is easy to understand why people fear the

unknown, but it is hard to figure out why they can't take a step back and

realize that cloning is basically an extension of current and accepted prac

tices.        Also, the general public's fear shows up in the nation's

congress and even the president.  Who knows the real opinions of the

individuals in congress, but as long as the general public is against

cloning, politicians will be too, so they can gain support from voters.

Even with all these setbacks, there are still major uses for cloning

research.  Uses that will never present themselves unless people put down

their moral, ethical, and religious shields and allow the research to take

its course.  Regardless...

... middle of paper ...

...nbsp;     Cloning is just another science.  It is almost redundant in that

fashion.  Its only uniqueness is that it has such a controversy around it

caused by fear and misconception.  Any science is too valuable to be

brushed aside.  People must look past the politics and the morals to see

that cloning is an extension of current practices and could prove to be

better then those practices.  There are too many conceivable uses for

cloning to let the technology die.  No one knows what the future holds, but

the technology must be permitted to go on.  Like it or not, sciences like

cloning are here and here to stay.  It is up to society to put aside its

fears and stop trying to control the rate at which scientific development

advances because it is the only thing that is going to make a better


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