Essay about Surrogate Mothers Must Not be Allowed to Profit

Essay about Surrogate Mothers Must Not be Allowed to Profit

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Surrogate Mothers Must Not be Allowed to Profit

    Infertility affects an estimated 6.1 million people in the United States, or 10% of the reproductive age population (1). For many couples, infertility carries a stigma with serious personal and social ramifications. Infertile couples face social rejection by friends and family with children and must also come to terms with the loss of lifelong dreams of rearing children. The psychological trauma associated with infertility has created a great demand for a solution, and the medical industry has responded with eagerness. Infertile couples spend millions of dollars on medical treatments, including in vitro fertilization, surrogate pregnancy, egg donation and a myriad of infertility drugs now on the market. Because of the extreme emotional suffering many infertile couples experience, these couples are particularly susceptible to exploitation by people - or an entire industry - purporting to have a solution for their problem. It is therefore important to question the ethics associated with reproductive technologies that try to provide "solutions" for infertile couples. While all of the treatments for infertility lead to ethical dilemmas, I will focus on the dilemma of surrogate pregnancy. Although surrogacy offers a possible solution to desperate infertile couples, the rate of success is low and the price tag is very high. Of even more concern are the costs not reflected in the monetary price. These costs include the possible exploitation of the couple and/or the potential surrogate, as well as the legal quandaries, both at the time of the contract and in the future, to which this "solution" gives birth.


Before tackling the problems of surrogacy,...

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