Our Secret by Susan Griffin and States by Edward Said Essay

Our Secret by Susan Griffin and States by Edward Said Essay

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Inevitably, all things evolve over time. From decade to decade, a person can find many differences as in slight variances between popular fads and so forth like styles of fashion and trends. Even writing takes on a new form and shape after awhile as we see in the essays “Our Secret” by Susan Griffin and “States” by Edward Said. These two reveal a more evident truth of a different use of language than it is customary to read just as it is seen in Michael Herr’s novel Dispatches, which is written in the style of “New Journalism” where real events are told in a story format or narrative to appeal to more readers. In that same fashion, Griffin and Said break from the a-typical mold of professional writing to better illustrate their respective ideas of past experiences and exile defining who a person will or has become.
Both authors effectively attempt to do the same things; both strive to relate to readers with more than just words on a page. Except, Griffin and Said vary in the techniques they employ: one draws upon a reader’s ability to imagine while the other applies a more literal approach. The first, Susan Griffin, emphasizes her points through examples she integrates into her essays by depending on the reader to make what I’ve termed as “imagined visualizations” for a more enhanced understanding. Edward Said, on the other hand, demonstrates his main arguments with more “physical visualizations” by utilizing photographs along with his text for readers to further comprehend his meaning.
Griffin throughout her essay “Our Secret” refers back to her own life experiences and the journal of one man by the name of Heinrich Himmler. In essence, her essay comprises of a juxtaposition between the two. Both had eerily similar upbri...

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...n them today. This begins with, first and foremost, a creative new approach to teaching students to write.

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