Essay about Evolution - Towards Enlightenment

Essay about Evolution - Towards Enlightenment

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Evolution - Towards Enlightenment

    Stubborn people are hard to deal with. Even after evidence is presented, they stand steadfast with the "facts" they want to believe. No one is immune to this trait, no person always willing to admit they are wrong. In 1859, Charles Darwin published The Origin of the Species (Leakey 1). His theories had little scientific evidence to support his ideas; the book was only about what he theorized. The people became infuriated. The possibility of humans "evolving" from any animal was unheard of, especially if they cam from monkeys. People took sides, the majority holding to Creation, the idea that some divine power had made this world and all of the creatures on it. Still today, the sides are battling. They cannot see that, if evolution is the factual and correct origin of humanity, it can only make each individual human find a stronger conviction of divinity.


According to a professor at Miami University, the solar system in which we live, often referred to as Gaia, formed about four and a half billion years ago. Life on Earth is believed to have begun three and a half to four billion years ago, possibly by spontaneous generation. This theory that from modern observations such as maggots appearing in rotting flesh or fungus on a rotted tree stump. Obviously these organisms did not migrate to the source of food, hence the term spontaneous. One common misconception about evolution is that from this primordial life form sprang advanced life. It is also portrayed in a very quick modification. This was at least three and a half billion years ago. For evolution to occur, three things must happen. First the environment must change. Second, there must be two organis...

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