Evolution: Just More Proof of God Essay

Evolution: Just More Proof of God Essay

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Evolution: Just More Proof of God

   The world around us changes. This simple fact is obvious everywhere we look. Streams wash dirt and stones from higher places to lower places. Untended gardens fill with weeds.  - National Academy of Sciences


Humans are inquisitive creatures. Throughout the centuries, we have thought, "Why are we here?" This one question has brought thousands of answers. Once Gods and Goddesses reigned. The many hands of Tishri and Buddha, Tao, Confucius, Muhammad, Huitzpotcly of the South Americas, Re of Egypt, and countless others have been worshiped. From these gods comes the creation of man. In our local, modern society, Christ is present in the vast majority of homes, and behind Christ, the Bible, or the book of God's word.


In the New International version of the Bible, creation was performed by GOD. It took Him seven days. On the first day, He created the earth, covered in water. The "glory of God" provided the light for Earth, as He proclaimed, "Let there be light." He created an atmosphere on the second day. Dry land emerged, on day three, from the sea, displacing it. On this day, He also brought forth trees and plants, which grew and matured before the end of the day. God distinguished night and day on day four. The sun and moon were placed to mark the passing of time. Adam, Eve and all of their descendants knew it to be so. Day five: creatures reproduce according to species. The next day, day six, brought the reproduction of humans and animals alike. Then, God rested on the seventh day (hollaway2).


This is the accepted Christian story of creation. People believed it undoubtedly until Charles Darwin, possibly the world's most noted evolutionist, ...

... middle of paper ...

...more secure faith in a greater good, or possibly a great god.



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