Education and Understanding Will Reduce the Threat of Terrorism Essay

Education and Understanding Will Reduce the Threat of Terrorism Essay

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    Abstract: Globalization has had both negative and positive effects.  While some cultures accept globalization as a wonderful gesture, others reject it with violent force.  Since the main country involved in the notion of globalization is the United States, many countries, most of those who are adamantly opposed to globalization, call globalization "Americanization."  For the Muslims who supported the terrorists in the 9-11 attack, they label America's treatment of them as reason for their hatred of the United States.  They claim that the United States has forced them into a situation they want no part of, and hence, their actions were a statement of rebellion.  Other countries and other cultures feel that globalization is the answer; hence, they side with the United States and disagree with the Extreme Islamic concepts.  In my opinion, I feel that neither side is ultimately right or wrong.  Instead, I feel that some sort of compromise must be made through education and understanding.  While I do feel that the Islamic world will eventually have to globalize in order to compete with the Western world, perhaps the changes must be made with a greater understanding of their culture so that they would be more willing to accept it.  Both sides come from very different traditions and cultures; hence, if the Western world understood the Islamic world a little better and vice versa, I feel a compromise could be reached.  Education, like it is in so many debates, is certainly the answer here.


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In a multicultural world, there are many opposing views on globalization.  Some cultures and individuals accept it, while others do not.  Have the United States' attempts to globalize ...

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