A Comparison of Two Barbecue Restaurants Essay

A Comparison of Two Barbecue Restaurants Essay

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The Best Barbecue in the South

Barbecue is one of my favorite foods. I have always enjoyed going into some greasy barbecue dive, listening to the blues, and feeling pretty cool. Two joints where I have eaten are Big D's Piggy Strut Soul Pit Bar-B-Q in Clemson, South Carolina, and Hy's Deli right across from the School campus. Even though both of these restaurants pride themselves on their barbecue, Big D's is obviously the better.

As I walked into the Piggy Strut for the first time, I immediately noticed the different atmosphere. The sign at the entrance said, "Seat yourself if you want to eat here!" As I looked around, I saw some fat guy in the corner really jamming on an electric guitar. (I later learned that was Big D himself.) After much deliberation I decided to sit at the bar. Here, I ordered my sandwich and sat next to the cook after he made it. We watched cartoons for about an hour.

Hy's Deli, on the other hand, had a sign that read "Please feel free to seat yourself" in the entrance. Next, I noticed everyone staring at me. There were ten or twelv...

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