Essay on America Needs More Cloning

Essay on America Needs More Cloning

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America Needs More Cloning

Each day there are numerous automobile accidents on highways. Many people are critically injured, but sadly, it is often easier to repair the automobile. It can be fixed using spare parts. Human drivers and passengers do not have that luxury (Mooney and Mikos, 1999). In this situation, cloning could help. There has been much debate on the issue of cloning, ever since the famous sheep, Dolly, was cloned from a mammary cell. Since that first development of cloning, there have been many forays into the realm of using clones for the advancement of medicine. The fact is, cloning has the potential to have a very big positive impact on society.


The main opposition to cloning of any kind is by people who are uneducated about the facts of the process. Many believe that a clone would be like a video tape of the donor. This view is referred to as genetic determinism-the belief that genes determine everything about an individual. However, a clone would basically be a twin. As in "normal" identical twins, each genetic detail is alike, but the personalities of twins can differ greatly. This is because environment and experience shape the emotional and spiritual side of people. The physical side is by chance. Cloning simply takes chance out in a form of selective reproduction (Wachbroit, 1997). Also, cloning does not have to be of the whole individual. As can be seen in the following argument, cloning of just parts of humans will have a dramatic impact.


Most people may only be mildly concerned as to the thought of animal cloning, because it is not a mystery anymore. Dolly, the cloned sheep, showed up in 1997 and made this a reality. When the subject moves to human cloning,...

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...ry/research/cloning//medicine.html), 1997.

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