History And Procedures of Gene Therapy Essay

History And Procedures of Gene Therapy Essay

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The History And Procedures of Gene Therapy

Abstract: Over the course of history there has been the idea of gene therapy has inspired many great scientists. The history of eugenics is important to the history of gene therapy because it is how gene therapy originated. Eugenics has driven many people to take extreme measures to try and make a “better human race”, this includes the Nazi party and the movement in the 1930’s inspired by Francis Galton. After that, research in eugenics continued and the human genome project sprung from the minds of scientists. After the inspiration of the human genome project scientists developed theories that gene therapy is possible. After a series of experiments that then failed, scientists were discouraged and the future of gene therapy is now being doubted.
Gene therapy is an idea that has fascinated humans and scientists for centuries. Gene therapy theoretically can allow scientists to change the human genome and peoples DNA. Ideally, scientists wish to replace “bad genes” in your DNA that can potentially hurt you with good genes that will help you avoid any genetic ailment. In fact, all that scientists really want to accomplish is to replace our natural genes with unnatural ones. The idea and concept of gene therapy is not new to human history. On the contrary, gene therapy is a concept that has been fascinating the minds of many scientists and researchers over the span of many centuries.
Although the idea of genes was first born during the times of Plato, the concept of gene therapy wasn’t really born until the late 1900’s. Mr. Francis Galton, who is the younger first cousin of Charles Darwin, had the idea that the human race could be improved according to the method of selective breeding....

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