Essay about Dickens's View of the Middle Class in Victorian Society

Essay about Dickens's View of the Middle Class in Victorian Society

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Dickens's View of the Middle Class in Victorian Society

As exemplified throughout contemporary literature of the nineteenth century, the
Victorians were in the midst of social, political, and economic turmoil that
would generate vibrations throughout all social classes. The emergence of a new,
mercantile middle class was driving all classes towards a society based on
capitalism. Competition was arising between the middle class and the aristocracy
for a secure social position with little, if any, concern for integrity and
moral values (Joyce 299). Like many Victorian writers, Dickens fundamentally
labors over the idea of how to live life in this changing society and contend
with the issues of morality it presents. He creates "an allegory of a nation's
transformation" in Great Expectations, illustrating aspects of the changing
Victorian hierarchical social order ranging from the virtuous, working-class
rural laborers to the newfound middle-class, basing their lives on the leisurely
life of the self-indulgent aristocrats (Cottom 103). Embodying the
characteristics of this new middle class in Victorian England, ridiculed by
Dickens, is the Pocket family: Mrs. Pocket, an obsessive woman aspiring from
birth to be an aristocrat, and Mr. Pocket, a man Dickens would label
"shabby-genteel." Dickens deliberately intertwines the Pockets into Pip's
narrative in order to satirize the principles and futility of both the middle
class and the aristocracy whom they impersonate.

Social class in nineteenth-century England, as portrayed in Great Expectations,
has a strong parallel to morality and values. The higher an individual climbs in
the social order, the greater the desire becomes for capital wealt...

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