Hamlet - Noble Prince in a Corrupt World Essay

Hamlet - Noble Prince in a Corrupt World Essay

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Hamlet - Noble Prince in a Corrupt World

     Ever since I was acquainted with tragic plays, I fell in love with the ideas, concepts, and even moral beliefs of these tragic style writers.  Having never truly understood or read any of William Shakespeare's work, it was hard to see where he was coming from.  After reading and analyzing Hamlet, my first instincts depicted Shakespeare as a dramatist who was bent on creating an overly tragic, unfathomable drama.  That is why this essay is based around defending the opinion that "Hamlet is a noble prince who suffers from a corrupt world that is not suitable to his sensitive moral nature."  By doing this, the original implications will hopefully be disproved.  Maybe in the end, it will bee seen where Shakespeare is coming from in this enigmatic play.


We begin with Horatio, the scholar who is invited by two guards standing watch in Elsinore Castle.  These sentinels have spotted a spirit wandering the grounds for the past two nights at midnight, and they hope to answer their questions through Horatio.  When the ghost first appears to the three men, Horatio urges to have Prince Hamlet notified at once the presence of his dead father's ghost, at one time King Hamlet.  Why would King Hamlet's spirit be wandering the grounds of Elsinore?  This opening of the play is crucial because it brings up many questions that one hopes to answer later.  Due to the uncertainty of them being evil or heavenly, the people of the time were afraid of ghosts, including the two guards and Horatio who were horrified when they first encounter King Hamlet's spirit.


Hamlet is quoted "I wish that my living flesh would melt into nothingness."  He is without a doubt talki...

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... A place that obeys, abides, and accepts the world, which they live in.

While reading Hamlet, the ideas Shakespeare was trying to convey were analyzed a bit more critically due to the absence of everything being presented to you.  Trying to visualize the setting, the movements and actions of the characters allows one to grasp the concepts in a much broader perspective.  It was a good experience to try to understand one of the most poetic writers of all time, and I look forward to digging deeper into Shakespeare in the near future.



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