Describe an object that is important to you and explain why Essay examples

Describe an object that is important to you and explain why Essay examples

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Describe an object that is important to you and explain why


     My Kelty Redwing backpack is folded up in my closet. Cramped on a shelf next to a box of old textbooks and forgotten letters, my backpack, like me, would rather be elsewhere.


     Gloomy New England is no place for an active pack such as mine. There, the pack's buoyant purple, teal, and navy blue colors seem lost in shadow. Helpless, I do likewise, and watch my skin turn from a healthy tan to sickly white. We can hardly wait for the upcoming vacation. I take my pack to and from school with me. Holding up to 5600 cubic inches, my pack feels comfortable on my back even with sixty pounds of gear.


     During winter vacation, I usually take a skiing trip to a cabin in the Washington State Wilderness. Loaded with everything from Monopoly to a waffle iron, my backpack shields me from snow dripped by evergreens. It never actually skis, but my backpack wouldn't dare miss a downhill ski trip in the Rockies of Idaho. I leav...

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