Identify a personal hero and articulate the influence this person has had on you

Identify a personal hero and articulate the influence this person has had on you

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Identify a personal hero and articulate the influence this person has had on you


     I learn Spanish literature from a petite, sophisticated woman who has yet to appear in anything less that pearls, a well-cut suit and carefully scraped-back hair. Nevertheless, not one class has gone by without her eventually sitting cross-legged on her desk, eyes intent behind wire-rimmed glasses, hair slipping from her ponytail as if in agreement with her insistence that Spanish is exciting and all-encompassing, that Spanish literature is life reflected.


     At first, I thought she was a lunatic, ranting about "El simulo," "las metaforas," and "el tema." I spent the first week getting accustomed to her quick Iberian way of speaking, catching every other verb or noun, frantically trying to piece together what exactly she wanted from me. Each time she would veer her gaze in my direction, I would bend my head down to my note pad, furiously scribbling down some non-important point in the hopes that she wouldn't call on me....

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