St Georges Use of ICT Essay

St Georges Use of ICT Essay

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This report will show the way that St Georges run and maintain a
lucrative and successful business. St Georges has several branches and
is a business of 50 staff strong

St Georges obviously aim to give the highest possible care and
treatment to the animals they treat as they can. There other main
object is to make a large profit, so they can keep treating the
animals, and keep expanding their business. They also aim to sell high
quality products and have good customer relations. In order to do this
they need to employ the right staff and have a good range of high
quality equipment.

All of the St Georges clinics contain the only veterinary hospital in
the Midlands. Containing full medical, surgical, anesthetic and
hospital facilities that have a 24 hour emergency service. The
hospital also has separate wards for dogs, cats and rabbits as well as
caring for various pets and animals. These facilities is what give St
Georges an advantage over the rest of the market and its competitors

St Georges use many different software programs and hardware, in all
of their branches and also by on call vets and nurses. Probably the
most important systems used by St Georges are SAGE and bespoke. SAGE
is a financial program designed to track and analyse a company’s
performance and to make sure that the company is sticking to budgets
and is going to meet projected profits. Bespoke is a very important
veterinary program. All of an animal’s personal and medical
information would be stored in this and more importantly it works as a
diagnostic program, where if a vet enters the animal’s information and
problem, it would recommend what treatment ...

... middle of paper ...

...look it all as part of one interlinked system, it is very
complicated. Like a complex machine missing a single cog, with just
one system/program missing from their setup, they would not be able to
work to their current high standards and probably not be able to work
very well at all.

Without the ICT St Georges have, they would have to do everything
manually with pen and paper, store customer information, find
calculations, write letters, create invoices, basically everything you
can think of, which would cost vast amounts of time, which in turn
costs money and money itself on goods such as paper, pens, folders
etc, which would most probably total up to more then the cost of a
basic computer system.

This report shows us just how important the use of ICT is in a
business environment, and how much impact it has.

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