Stress in the Work-Place Essay

Stress in the Work-Place Essay

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Stress in the Work-Place


Over the years, stress at work has been a key topical issue to the
world over. Robert C. Dailey, in his book Understanding People In
Organisations, defines stress as "any demand made on the body that
requires psychological or physical adjustment." The relationship
between stressful events or situations, coping resources and the
stress response is a complex one, in that not all people will respond
to events in the same way. Reputed bodies such as the Confederation
of British Industries (CBI), the Trades Union Congress (TUC), and the
Department of Health have voiced their concerns on this anomaly.

1 Introduction

A broader definition, stress is an individual’s physiological response
to excessive pressure[1]. This may come about (in the workplace) as a
result of high demands, competition, the rate of technological and
organisational change, and more. Although stress is not a disease,
but if it is not checked it can bring significant negative effects to
the person and the organisation. We need stress and fear to motivate
us to do better – but not all stress is desirable. It depends on the
type of stress, of which there are three main ones; Good stress, bad
stress and repulsive stress. However it is the first two categories
that we will concern ourselves in. The former results where although
a task is demanding; it is capable of being completed. In other words,
performance is improved when the employee is under pressure. However
too much pressure can be bad it can create prolonged stress and also
chronic stress which can lead to the destructive cycle of poor
performance, declining conf...

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...twreight, 1994)

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