Essay on The Analysis of 'The Day after Tomorrow'

Essay on The Analysis of 'The Day after Tomorrow'

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The Analysis of 'The Day after Tomorrow'

‘The Day After Tomorrow’ starring Dennis Quaid and Jake Gyllenhaal was
the long awaited big money blockbuster from the world renowned
director, Roland Emmerich. Emmerich’s previous accomplishments include
the hugely popular hits Independence Day and Godzilla. Although
immensely successful both films follow a pretty similar basic, bland
story line. Essentially both plots are just mass destruction and the
eventual defeat of a fictitious enemy by a male hero. Emmerich’s
latest picture, ‘The Day After Tomorrow’ clearly doesn’t want to be a
spoil sport and as expected contains plenty of disaster and
destruction. The only differences’ being the enemy in this newest
movie is not an attacking sci-fi creature, but that well-known
blood-curdling enemy, global warming! Plus the hero in this movie
can’t save the day! Instead he has to resort to the much smaller,
unexciting scale of saving his only son.

The film opens on a vast glacier in Antarctica with our hero, Jack
Hall (Dennis Quaid) leaping across a ridiculously large gap to save
some unimportant reports on his research. We then follow a series of
gradually increasing severities of weather across the world, (snow in
Delhi, bucket-size hailstones in Tokyo, and a series of severe
tornadoes that wreck downtown Los Angles). The only person who seems
genuinely worried by all this is Jack, who as a climatologist,
believes a new ice age is coming. However, as in all Emmerich films,
the hero’s apocalyptic warnings are not taken seriously until it is
too late. Whilst Jack wastes his time attempting to convince the vice
president of the forthcoming catacl...

... middle of paper ...
convey the massive scale of destruction exceptionally well. Without
this fantastic leap in visual technology, I think the film would be
utterly dead.

Overall the film isn’t half as epic as Emmerich’s previous
blockbusters or half as entertaining. The dialogues are about as
interesting as watching paint dry and the bland characters have about
as much depth as a puddle in the street! The storyline isn’t exactly
deep, introspective stuff either. To top it all off ‘The Day After
Tomorrow’ fails to really alarm the audience, which seriously
undermines it’s purpose, as you will not be inspired to become a
cleaner, more user friendly citizen. The visual quality of the picture
means it is hanging on by it’s fingernails however I don’t think even
the stunning special effects can save this film from boring you

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