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The Impact of Sociology of the Social Divisions Examine critically some of the ways in which the sociology of the
social divisions have impacted on your own personal and family
history, and assess the implications for your professional practice as
a social worker.

There are many social divisions that we encounter during our life
course, some may have a direct influence in shaping who we are, what
we think and what attitudes we hold. Social divisions can affect how
we interact with each other and how we see ourselves as individual
members of society. In this assignment I will examine some of the
social divisions that have had a direct influence on my own personal
and family history and assess the implications this may have on my
professional practice as a social worker.

Social divisions refer to the social differences that are constructed
between different groups or members of society society. These can
range in the influence they may have on an individual from a person
being disabled or able bodied, smoker or non-smoker and male or
female. This means that it is impossible for people not to come into
contact with social divisions at some stage during the life course and
also means that people may experience social divisions within social
divisions for example a disabled smoker in a workforce dominated by
able-bodied non-smokers.

The first social division I became aware was that of gender. I am one

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...nd metalwork and in the school
playground the girls were not allowed on the football side. I found
this very hard to accept as I enjoyed playing football but disliked
domestic tasks and could not understand why I was not allowed to do
the same things the boys did. When I complained about this to my
mother I was always told that women just had to accept their lot in
life and not complain. My grandmother was more severe in her attitude
and often stated that the war had taught women to disrespect their
husbands role as the provider. The older females in my family
appeared to support the idea that women should be the carer and the
men the breadwinner. In contemporary society, although women are now
involved in the labour market, the employment tends to mirror their
domestic role in jobs such as nursing, teaching etc.

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