Essay on Investigating the Development of Children's Attention Span and Memory

Essay on Investigating the Development of Children's Attention Span and Memory

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Investigating the Development of Children's Attention Span and Memory

The activity I would choose to help develop the children’s attention
span and memory would be a selection of inset and interlocking
puzzles. The puzzles which are used would depend on the children’s
developmental level, a chid with memory and concentration difficulties
I would choose to begin with a four piece interlocking puzzles with
the inset pictures that matches the piece of puzzle and gradually work
towards a larger pieced puzzle. To engage and hold the children’s
attention I would encourage the child to remove the pieces from the
puzzle by asking for a specific piece, when all the pieces are removed
I would then ask the child which piece of puzzle is he/she going to
choose first and if he/she can find where the piece belongs by looking
for the picture which is the same. A child without memory and
concentration difficulties may also require an inset puzzle but
without the inset pictures. To hold the child’s attention I would talk
to the chid about the different shapes and sizes of the puzzle pieces,
on the other hand if the child was doing an interlocking puzzle e.g.
Noah’s Ark I would ask the child questions regarding the puzzle i.e.
what is Mrs Noah holding? Etc. Whereas a child with memory and
concentration difficulties may need assistance by using the picture on
the box as a guide and myself asking if the child can find the piece
of puzzle which is the end of the lions tail or if he/she can find
what Mrs Noah is holding etc.

Whatever the children’s needs maybe whether they have/not difficulties
with concentration and memory or otherwise it is essen...

... middle of paper ...

...o focus and extend their concentration span I would ask
the children if they would like some water in the sand and if they
would like to help pour and mix the water into the sand, I would also
add new objects e.g. cars, sea creatures and shells. I would then use
the opportunity to encourage a child with memory and concentration
difficulties to extend his/her play and encouraging the child to
recall his/her experience on the beach while on holiday. The activity
may also be used to extend a child’s attention span and memory that
has no difficulties with concentration and memory by asking questions
regarding his/her day trip/holiday. If a child is cleaning up a spill
or tidying up during the activity it is important to praise and make
commentary remarks by doing so it may enable the child to complete the
task well.

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